100 Years Ago: News from Binghamton in 1923

800 Poor Children Take Annual Picnic at Ideal Park

On August 16, 1923, 800 poor children from Binghamton gathered at the Salvation Army on Washington Street for their annual picnic at Ideal Park in Endicott. The children were taken to the park in trucks and had a day of fun and games. They ate lunch, played in the pool, and went on rides. The picnic was sponsored by the Salvation Army and the local community.

32nd Annual Field Day at Binghamton State Hospital

The 32nd annual Field Day at the Binghamton State Hospital was held on August 16, 1923. The event was open to patients and employees, and there were 30 events, including relay races, a tug-of-war, a barrel-rolling contest, and a potato race. The Field Day was a day of fun and competition, and it helped to promote physical activity and camaraderie among the patients and employees.

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Construction Begins on New First Christian Church

Construction began on the new First Christian Church at Grand Boulevard and Schiller Streets on August 16, 1923. The church was designed by architect Harry D. White, and it was expected to be completed at the end of next month. The new church would seat 1,000 people and would have a large pipe organ.

Milk Truck Tipped Over, Spilling 1,200 Quarts

A large Brockway truck loaded with two tons of milk tipped over on West Main Street near Riverside Drive in Johnson City on August 16, 1923. The driver was not injured, but 1,200 quarts of milk spilled onto the road. The milk was cleaned up by the city, but the road was closed for several hours.

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