FIFA suspends RFEF president Luis Rubiales for 90 days over kiss

Rubiales was caught on camera kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup final. Hermoso has said she did not consent to the kiss, and many other players have come out in support of her.

In response, 81 of Spain’s best players have signed a letter saying they will refuse to play for Spain until there are changes to the RFEF’s leadership. The team’s entire World Cup coaching staff has also resigned, along with other staff members from the senior and junior women’s national teams.

FIFA has provisionally suspended Rubiales from all footballing activities for 90 days. The Spanish government has also launched its own investigation into the matter.

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The scandal has cast a shadow over Spanish women’s football, and it is unclear when the team will be able to play again.

Some additional details:

  • The players have been unhappy with the RFEF for some time, and there have been previous incidents of tension between the players and the federation.
  • Rubiales has been accused of mishandling funds and making decisions that benefit himself rather than the players.
  • The players are demanding that Rubiales resign, and they are also calling for better protection for women’s footballers.
  • The scandal has drawn attention to the issue of sexual harassment in sport, and it is hoped that it will lead to positive changes in the way that women’s football is run.
  • The kiss between Rubiales and Hermoso took place on the podium at the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, in front of a large audience of spectators and dignitaries.
  • The Spanish government has said that it is “deeply concerned” about the scandal, and that it is “committed to ensuring that women’s football in Spain is safe and respectful.”
  • The UEFA, the European football governing body, has said that it is “monitoring the situation closely” and that it “will take any necessary action” if it finds that Rubiales has broken its rules.
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