Lionel Messi could face punishment for refusing to speak to the media after MLS debut

An Inter Miami spokesperson said that Messi would not be speaking to the media after the game, but did not give a reason for his decision.

It is not yet clear what punishment Messi could face, but it is possible that he could be fined or suspended.

The news comes at a time when Messi is enjoying a stellar start to his MLS career. He has scored 11 goals and provided three assists in his nine appearances for Inter Miami so far.

Inter Miami have also won all four of their games since Messi joined the club, including the Leagues Cup final.

Messi’s next MLS game will be against Nashville on Thursday, August 31st.

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Some additional details:

  • MLS rules state that all players must be available for interviews after each game. This is to help promote the league and its players.
  • Messi’s decision to not speak to the media is a breach of MLS regulations. This could result in him being fined or suspended.
  • It is not yet clear what punishment Messi will face. The MLS will likely investigate the matter and make a decision in due course.
  • Messi’s decision to not speak to the media is a surprise. He is usually very cooperative with the media and has a good relationship with journalists.
  • It is possible that Messi was tired or emotional after the game. He may have also been feeling overwhelmed by the attention he has been receiving since joining MLS.
  • Whatever the reason for Messi’s decision, it is a violation of MLS rules and he could face punishment as a result.
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