Man arrested in connection with bomb scare at Americana at Brand mall in Glendale

The mall was evacuated after a toilet was found outside the movie theater with a note claiming it was a bomb. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad investigated the object and determined that it was not a bomb.

A male suspect was arrested in Burbank and is believed to be responsible for leaving the toilet at the mall. The person’s identity and suspected motive have not been released.

The incident caused a brief panic at the mall, but no injuries were reported. The mall reopened shortly after the suspect was arrested.

Some additional details:

  • The toilet was painted with various street-art style designs in red, yellow and other colors.
  • A digital sign propped up on a stand near the toilet read “Beautification in progress” but it was not clear if that electronic monitor was related to the toilet or to other work ongoing at the Americana.
  • The suspect was arrested in Burbank shortly after 10 p.m.
  • The person’s identity and suspected motive have not been released.
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