Myles Jack Retires from NFL: Eagles Stint Cut Short; Pursuing Unexpected Career Path

Myles Jack, who recently joined the Philadelphia Eagles just two weeks ago, has decided to retire from professional football after a successful seven-year career in the NFL. The announcement comes as a surprise, as Jack had initially expressed his ambitions beyond football prior to signing with the Eagles.

Jack, a seasoned linebacker, had joined the Eagles with the goal of competing for the starting linebacker position alongside Nakobe Dean, following his signing alongside Zach Cunningham. However, his role quickly shifted from being on the first team on the depth chart to the second team. This change was evident during his limited playing time, where he only participated in 29 snaps and entered the game during the latter part of the Eagles’ match against the Cleveland Browns.

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During the start of training camp, Jack had shared that he had once aspired to become an electrician or a plumber before his football career took precedence. He was drawn back into the world of football by Budda Baker. With his decision to retire, Jack now has the opportunity to pursue these alternative paths.

In his own words, Jack explained, “I like to work, I just couldn’t sit at home. I’ve been blessed to make a lot of money. So I could just retire and sit at the house. But I’m too bored. My mind is too much. So I just want to be innovative. I don’t know, if a zombie apocalypse happens, I want to be able to build something or fix something.”

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Jack’s most recent season was spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2022, during which he played 13 games as a starter. He accumulated 104 tackles and three passes defensed, but did not register any sacks. Notably, Jack has achieved four seasons with over 100 tackles in the last five years, contributing to his legacy as a proficient linebacker. His impact on the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise history is also evident, as he holds the fifth position for the highest number of tackles amongst linebackers.

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