Putin avoids arrest by attending BRICS summit remotely

Vladimir Putin is potentially facing arrest when entering countries that acknowledge the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC). This follows the ICC’s issuance of an arrest warrant against him in March. As a result, his presence in such countries could lead to legal repercussions.

During a recent gathering of BRICS leaders, including Putin, he appeared somewhat isolated. In his address to these leaders, which was conducted via video link, Putin sat behind a circular white table surrounded by screens. The backdrop showcased the flags of BRICS member nations. However, what stood out was the fact that Putin seemed to be the sole person in the room.

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Rather than attending the event in person, Putin chose to participate remotely. This decision was likely influenced by concerns that the ICC’s arrest warrant, issued due to events like the Ukraine invasion, could potentially be enforced. This situation highlights the growing isolation of the Russian president, even from his usual allies.

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