Rolex Acquires Bucherer: Industry Shakeup

In a surprising turn of events on an otherwise uneventful August Thursday, Rolex has announced its acquisition of the renowned retailer, Bucherer. This unforeseen development marks a significant shift after almost a century of being authorized retailers for each other. Rolex is set to take ownership of Bucherer, a move that has left the industry with a multitude of questions.

While many details remain to be uncovered, some key points have emerged from Rolex’s official announcement. Notably, Rolex is already the owner of the Tudor brand, which functions independently with its own CEO and manufacturing facilities in Le Locle. The configuration of the relationship between Rolex and Bucherer within this new ownership landscape is yet to unfold on an international scale.

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The press release reveals that Bucherer boasts a global presence with over 100 locations. Out of these, 53 offer Rolex timepieces, while 48 retail Tudor watches. Additionally, Bucherer serves as an authorized after-sales service center for both Rolex and Tudor, adding to its significance in the industry.

A noteworthy detail is Bucherer’s ownership of Tourneau, a acquisition made in 2018, further cementing its position as a key player in the horological realm.

This unexpected development has sent ripples through the industry, and the situation will be closely monitored as it progresses. For more updates on this evolving story, stay connected with Hodinkee.

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