Texan Woman Arrested for Threats: Judge, Representative & LGBTQ+ Individuals Targeted

A Texan woman, Abigail Jo Shry, age 43, hailing from Alvin, Texas, has been taken into custody and charged following alleged threats directed towards District Judge Tanya Chutkan, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, and other individuals. The arrest stems from a reported incident where Shry is said to have made menacing phone calls, including racial slurs, and threats to harm various individuals. These threats encompassed not only Judge Chutkan but also extended to Democrats in Washington and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The accusations center around a phone call placed to Judge Chutkan’s chambers earlier this month, during which Shry reportedly used derogatory language and expressed intentions to inflict harm. Specifically, Shry is said to have vowed to kill anyone pursuing legal actions against former President Trump. Furthermore, she made a disturbing remark threatening violence against Chutkan’s family, coupled with a racially offensive term. These actions prompted an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.

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It is important to note that Judge Chutkan is presiding over federal charges lodged against former President Trump, which allege his involvement in attempts to manipulate the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden. This connection adds a layer of significance to the threats directed at Judge Chutkan.

Law enforcement authorities traced the phone number used in the threatening call back to Shry, as it was registered to her. Upon visiting her residence, Shry reportedly confessed to making the call to Judge Chutkan’s chambers. In response to her arrest, she has been assigned a federal public defender and a bond hearing is scheduled for September 13.

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In the wake of these developments, media outlets, including USA TODAY, have reached out for comments from various entities implicated in the incident. This includes the Houston federal public defender’s office, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, and Sheila Jackson Lee’s office.

In summary, Abigail Jo Shry of Alvin, Texas, has been apprehended and charged after purportedly issuing threats against District Judge Tanya Chutkan, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, as well as other individuals. These threats, delivered through phone calls, encompassed racial slurs and vows to cause harm. The accusations are intertwined with Judge Chutkan’s involvement in overseeing federal charges against former President Trump related to the 2020 election. Shry was traced through her phone number, subsequently admitting her involvement, and has been granted legal representation along with a scheduled bond hearing. The incident has garnered attention from media outlets seeking comments from relevant parties.

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