Michael Cera’s Candid Revelation: Rihanna’s Genuine Slap in ‘This is the End

Actor Michael Cera has shared a candid revelation about his experience during the filming of “This is the End,” shedding light on a memorable scene involving Rihanna. The movie is a dark comedy centered around a fictional earthquake that triggers the Biblical Apocalypse in Los Angeles. Notably, the film features numerous Hollywood stars making cameo appearances, portraying exaggerated versions of their real-world personas as the city grapples with chaos and destruction.

In a particular scene, Michael Cera’s character, portrayed as a coked-out version of himself, slaps Rihanna, played by the singer herself. Unlike the usual faked on-screen slaps in the entertainment industry, the slap between Cera and Rihanna was genuine. Cera recently shared in an interview with GQ that Rihanna did indeed strike him during the scene, and it wasn’t a light blow. Intriguingly, Cera actively sought out this authentic interaction, even though they could have simulated the slap. The impact of Rihanna’s hit caused Cera to fall to the ground.

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The film “This is the End” is renowned for embracing its preposterous premise and infusing humor into the chaotic events. Michael Cera’s cameo appearance exemplifies this approach, as his character’s antics contribute to several outrageous sequences. Apart from the Rihanna slap, Cera engages in a reunion reminiscent of “Superbad” with Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. This involves a comical cocaine mishap and an awkward encounter involving unconventional sexual activity. Cera’s character meets a dramatic end, impaled by a streetlight while accusing someone of stealing his cell phone.

The comedic style of “This is the End” led to its resounding success, both in terms of box office earnings and critical acclaim. Despite being a decade since its release, the movie’s blend of celebrity cameos, absurd interactions, and unique humor continues to make it memorable. The chemistry between stars like Rihanna and Michael Cera in their brief yet impactful interactions adds to the film’s enduring appeal.

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