Misleading YouTube Videos Spread Fake News on Whoopi Goldberg & The View Drama

Two YouTube channels, Just In and Spill Today, published misleading videos about Whoopi Goldberg and The View. The videos had hundreds of thousands of views and claimed Goldberg’s co-hosts shamed her for ending the show.

The videos featured out-of-context clips saying The View was “off the air.” In reality, the show was just on a normal summer break. The videos also used an artificial intelligence narrator voice that viewers may not have realized was fake.

There is no evidence The View is being canceled or that Goldberg’s co-hosts blamed her for destroying the show. These claims appear completely fabricated. One video even had a disclaimer admitting its content could be gossip or exaggerated.

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Other recent videos from similar YouTube channels spread false rumors about Goldberg being sued and criticized. The videos originated from a satirical website but were reported as fact.

The Facebook pages connected to some of the channels suggest the videos may have been created by people in Indonesia, India, United Arab Emirates and other Asian countries.

Overall, these videos and channels are spreading misleading information and fake celebrity news to gain views. The content is highly sensationalized clickbait that should be viewed with skepticism.

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