Frankie Bridge on Her New Acting Role and the Support of Her Husband Wayne

Frankie Bridge, the former Saturdays singer, recently marked her West End debut in the spine-tingling play “2:22 A Ghost Story.” Amidst the excitement of a packed audience, there was one noticeable absence: her husband, former England footballer Wayne Bridge. Surprisingly, Wayne missed Frankie’s debut performance as he chose to attend a Liam Gallagher concert instead.

For Frankie, stepping onto the stage for this play was “ten times scarier” than her past experiences performing with the pop band The Saturdays. The Loose Women star expressed that this new endeavor challenged her more, putting her in the league of artists like Cheryl, Giovanna Fletcher, and Lily Allen who have ventured into acting roles.

Addressing Wayne’s absence, Frankie shared that it didn’t bother her, as he had a longstanding plan to attend the Liam Gallagher concert with his friends. This choice was significant to Wayne due to his deep connection with Oasis and the intimate nature of the concert. After the show, he joined Frankie and offered his support, showing that he believed in her abilities.

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Frankie spoke highly of Wayne’s encouragement throughout her journey into acting. His belief in her talents helped calm her nerves before the debut, and his post-performance words reaffirmed his confidence in her abilities. Frankie and Wayne, who have been married since 2014 and are parents to two children, Parker and Carter, clearly share a strong bond of support and understanding.

Frankie’s involvement in the play came as a replacement for One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush, who had to withdraw due to illness. Frankie expressed her excitement about playing the role of Lauren in “2:22 A Ghost Story.” She described Lauren as a character with multiple layers and emotions, making the opportunity a dream come true for her. Her performances will continue until September 17th, and she shares the stage with fellow actors Jamie Winstone, Clifford Samuel, and Ricky Champ.

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The play’s storyline revolves around the character Jenny, who believes her home is haunted, a belief her husband Sam doubts. The tension escalates as they argue with their dinner guests, old friend Lauren, and new partner Ben, before encountering something eerie and unsettling.

Frankie Bridge’s journey into acting aligns with a trend seen in other artists like Cheryl, who surprised her fans by announcing her debut acting role after a period of relative seclusion. The play has garnered attention not only for its intriguing plot but also for the supportive presence of Frankie’s husband Wayne Bridge.

In summary, Frankie Bridge’s debut in “2:22 A Ghost Story” marked an important milestone in her career, one made memorable not only by her performance but also by the unwavering support of her husband Wayne. Their relationship reflects a strong partnership that celebrates each other’s passions and achievements.

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