Trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney Wins Streamy Award for Breakout Creator

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender TikToker who documented her transitioning journey for over a year on the app, won the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator on Sunday.

Mulvaney, 26, said in her acceptance speech that the win was a sign of hope for the trans community. “It just means a lot to me, but I also think that the fact a trans person can win an award like this in such a scary time of transphobia — It gives me a sense of hope, she remarked.

Mulvaney’s popular TikTok series, “Days of Girlhood,” chronicles her journey of transitioning from male to female. The series has over 12 million views and has helped to raise awareness of the transgender experience.

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In her speech, Mulvaney called for allies to “support trans people publicly and proudly.” She also urged people to “keep persisting” and to never give up on their dreams.

Mulvaney’s win is a significant moment for the trans community and is a reminder that trans people are capable of great things. It is also a sign of progress in the fight for transgender equality.

Some additional details:

  • Mulvaney is a musical theater actress and has performed in shows such as “Wicked” and “The Lion King.”
  • She is also an advocate for transgender rights and has spoken out against discrimination against transgender people.
  • Mulvaney’s win is the latest in a series of successes for transgender people in the entertainment industry. In recent years, transgender actors such as Laverne Cox and Elliot Page have become household names.
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