Sarah Greene’s Inspiring TV Comeback After Tragedy

Sarah Greene, a well-known TV presenter, is making a long-awaited return to television after a period of absence prompted by her husband’s passing. Throughout the 80s and 90s, she was a familiar face on shows like Blue Peter, Going Live, and Saturday Superstore. However, the death of her husband Mike Smith in 2014 led her to step back from her career, as the offers for roles in TV shows felt too emotionally challenging to handle in the aftermath of his passing.

Mike Smith, a former Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops host, passed away at the age of 59 due to complications from heart surgery. This tragic event left Sarah devastated and overwhelmed. Following his death, she took on the responsibility of managing his business, Flying TV, which focused on aerial operations. Reflecting on this time, Sarah shared that she needed to concentrate on learning the intricacies of the business and coping with her grief. Offers to return to television did come in, but she didn’t feel emotionally prepared to accept them at that point.

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Sarah emphasized that the healing process takes time and that one can only return to activities when they feel ready and have the necessary energy. She put her flourishing TV career on hold to focus on the business left behind by her late husband. Now, after years of learning and growth, Sarah is prepared to make her comeback on the small screen.

In her forthcoming role, Sarah will co-host the new BBC game show called “The Finish Line,” alongside Roman Kemp. She expressed that her husband Mike would be proud of her decision to reignite her successful career. The show was filmed in Belfast, which holds special significance as Mike’s hometown. Sarah even mentioned feeling a connection to Mike during filming, as if he were there in spirit.

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Sarah dismissed the idea of retirement in the near future, underscoring her enthusiasm for her return to television. She spoke fondly of her partnership with Roman Kemp on the new show, noting their shared sense of humor as a key factor in their strong working relationship.

Apart from her television career revival, Sarah has found love once again with Robb Gravett, a former British touring car champion and a close friend of her late husband. They went public with their relationship in February. Sarah believes that Mike played a role in bringing them together, as if he were orchestrating events from beyond.

“The Finish Line,” the show marking Sarah’s return, is scheduled to air on BBC One on August 21 at 4:30 pm.

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