Des Bremner reflects on career highlights ahead of stadium reunion

Des Bremner, a revered name in midfield history, holds a unique distinction as a player who graced the fields of Hibs and Aston Villa over 40 years ago, and astonishingly, he continues to participate in the sport well into his seventies. Having departed from Hibernian after a successful seven-year tenure, the European Cup-winning star embarked on a new journey with Aston Villa in 1979. Surprisingly, he remains officially registered as a player with the FA, aligning himself with the Shard End Over-63s team based in Birmingham.

In an upcoming reunion that resonates with nostalgia, Bremner is set to visit both Easter Road and Villa Park, the hallowed grounds of his former clubs. Expressing his jovial anticipation, the 70-year-old shared, “I’m contemplating wearing a scarf that’s half green and half claret-and-blue, representing both my beloved teams. My time at Easter Road holds a special place in my heart; we enjoyed the camaraderie of a truly exceptional squad. However, fate presented me with a remarkable opportunity to join Villa when I was 27.”

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Recalling his venture into English football, he marveled at the unforeseen achievement of being part of a European Cup-winning squad, a dream he never imagined coming true. Bremner also chuckled about his interactions with friends at his local pub, where discussions about the historic European Cup final are exclusive to those of his generation. He playfully mentioned the idea of bringing his cherished medal to Edinburgh, a symbolic gesture embodying his enduring pride.

Remarkably, at the age of 70, Bremner still participates in weekly walking football sessions, a testament to his unwavering passion for the sport. He revealed, “Engaging in walking football helps me stay active and engaged. While tackling is off the table, I find joy in the game, although I must admit, I’ve always been partial to a good tackle!”

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Bremner’s career highlights included his involvement in notable battles during the Battle of Britain Euro ties with Hibs. Fondly reminiscing, he shared, “In 1973, our showdown against Leeds in the Uefa Cup led to a penalty shootout after two goalless draws. Although I successfully netted mine, an unfortunate post-hit by Pat Stanton marked our exit from the competition. The subsequent season brought a face-off with Liverpool, securing a home victory, only for a triumphant hat-trick by John Toshack at Anfield to alter the outcome.”

As Des Bremner prepares to revisit the historic stadiums that once witnessed his talents, his enduring love for the game and his cherished memories stand as a testament to his remarkable journey through football history.

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