Camp Snoopy: Kings Island’s New Attraction – Coaster, Play Area, and Family Fun!

Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy is gearing up to introduce an exciting and interactive attraction that’s bound to captivate visitors.

Named Camp Snoopy, this upcoming adventure play area will transport children into a world of fun-filled engagement with beloved “Peanuts” characters, offering families a chance to bond in the midst of nature’s splendor.

At the heart of this new zone will be the much-anticipated coaster, Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers. This coaster is making history as Kings Island’s newest addition, presenting the park’s first family-friendly boomerang coaster. As adventurers take their places in soapbox coaster cars, Snoopy’s checkered flag will signal the beginning of a thrilling descent from a towering 70-foot drop. But that’s not all – just as racers approach the finish line, the ride will ingeniously reverse, propelling the soapbox racers along the track in a captivating backward journey.

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Yet, the attraction doesn’t end with the coaster. Nestled within shaded confines, Beagle Scout Acres beckons kids to explore, play, and imagine amidst camp-themed equipment and sprawling grassy expanses. Here, youngsters can become honorary Beagle Scouts, earning merit badges for demonstrating values such as sharing and aiding those in need.

The entire “Peanuts” gang will be on hand, orchestrating an array of engaging activities throughout the day, allowing parents a chance to unwind and relax.

Mike Koontz, Kings Island’s Vice President and General Manager, shared, “Our vision for this immersive space was to create a slice of camp life where families can relish in diverse experiences together.”

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Planet Snoopy, an acclaimed kids’ realm at Kings Island, boasts an array of kid-friendly roller coasters and other charming “Peanuts”-themed attractions tailored for families.

Anticipated to commence construction in the fall of this year in Warren County, Ohio, the park is on track for a grand opening in 2024.

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