Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Watch Issued for Pelee Island

Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm warning and watch for Pelee Island. The warning is in effect for the entire island, while the watch is in effect for the surrounding area.

The warning means that severe thunderstorms are expected to produce strong wind gusts, hail ranging from pea to dime size, and significant rainfall. The watch means that conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms.

The thunderstorms are expected to move into the area this evening and overnight. The strongest winds are expected to occur in the warning area, with gusts up to 90 km/h possible. Hail is also possible, but the size of the hail is not yet known.

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Residents of Pelee Island are advised to take precautions to protect themselves from the severe weather. This includes staying indoors, avoiding travel, and securing loose objects.

If you are caught outdoors, seek shelter in a sturdy building. Do not take shelter under trees or near windows.

Lightning is also a threat during severe thunderstorms. If you hear thunder, take shelter immediately.

You can stay up-to-date on the latest weather conditions by listening to the radio, watching television, or checking the weather website of Environment Canada.

Here are some additional tips for staying safe during a severe thunderstorm:

  • If you are driving, pull over to the side of the road and wait for the storm to pass.
  • If you are boating, head to shore.
  • If you are camping, move to a sturdy shelter.
  • Stay away from downed power lines.
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By taking these precautions, you can help to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of severe thunderstorms.

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